Client Testimonials

The entire team at Beyond Transmission were super fantastic!! I can't say enough about the excellent workmanship and solid customer service that I received. I came to them through a personal referral, and leave without any hesitation to send my friends and family to them for their vehicle maintenance needs too. From the moment I made my initial call to check pricing and schedule an appointment, they were beyond accommodating of my schedule changes and the time I needed to do my research. It was my first time taking my Dirtball to any shop, and I wanted to make sure it got the best of care. Not only did they educate me on my service options, they did a flawless job on replacing my brakes and routers. They even went the extra mile to replace my burnt out brake light, which I had forgotten to mention. They made me feel safe getting back into my car and going on my day without a single worry. I can't wait to come back for all future maintenance needs.

- Kimberly Ho
Hey, I had such a great experience with beyond Transmission that I had to write a deserving comment for all the staff. I walked in for the first time mike at the service desk was very nice went out of his way to accommodate me and get me a spot in for a mechanical check, because I felt something is wrong, Victor the owner and shop mechanic checked my vehicle and was very honest said my car is great and waived my inspection charge. So with all my encounters with dealers and private shops, if you live in Calgary and have any car problems they are the place to go. Thank you

- Naser E
I wish to share the positive experience I recently encountered at Beyond Transmissions. My son, visiting from Edmonton, was forced to abandon the vehicle in Airdrie because what was thought to be transmission problems. I was referred to Beyond Transmissions (BT) By AR automotive. BT arranged for towing to their shop in Calgary. At my request based on my description of the problem, BT provided a transmission replacement/repair estimate of 4372.45. However, their in-shop diagnosis determined it not to be a transmission problem but failure relating to an airflow sensor. the repair and other services total was 979.23 Victor, the owner/operator/mechanic of BT assured me that nothing would be done without verifying the problem and my final authorization. Victor was true to his word. The repair was completed on time and as stated. Needless to say, this was a rewarding and very satisfying experience. I would appreciate BBB making Beyond Transmission aware of this letter.

- RC Smith
I brought my F150 Lariat 4X4 on Friday am July 19, 2013 for erratic shifting point at acceleration and both transfer case leak. I would like to thank you and your staff for excellent and honest service, diagnosis and fantastic mechanic who took the time to explain and update me on the repairs. I already have referred co-workers to your shop. Thank you to the staff who worked on my vehicle.

- Veronica
Victor from Beyond Transmissions is probably the most honest mechanic I have ever met. If your don't need it he won't sell it to you. He takes care of our fleet. Our Sales office is in the SW side of the city and we drive all our vehicles to him. His Honest opinion and quality workmanship is worth the drive.

- Zak from Calgary Auto Connection
I have known victor since 1998 long before he had an autoshop. He has always been a stand up person, he never takes advantage of anyone, does the best that he can for people and that is why his shop is doing so well. I recommend anyone go to him, try him out, I`m sure you will be happy with the way you are treated. I have been going there ever since he started his shop in 2005.

- Calvin 2004 Titan & 2001 Acura
I used to work for Victor when he had his Landscaping business, 2 years later my transmission failed in my 1999 explorer, his staff rebuilt it and it still runnning today, that was 3 years ago. All my family now go to victor whenever they need work. Nice and trustworthy guys.

- Wes H.
I called victor last week, I was stuck in BC and my transmission failed on my 2006 escalade, he gave me several options, he was willing to send me a new gm transmission from calgary and have another shop instal it in Golden. He gave me the labour hours so I would know how much it should cost, to ensure that I did not get taken advantage of. In the end I decided to drive the vehicle back at 80kph. They installed the new transmission and I got my vehicle back the next day, He gave me a great deal on the repair and to top it off my brand new GM transmission has a 3yr 160,000 km north america wide warranty. Thanks Vic

- Richard H.
I Have been going to Victor for a long time, his staff rebuilt the transmission in my Olds Hurst about 4 years ago and it still working today. I found out they do more than just transmissions and I have been bringing my truck there anytime I need major repairs. He always shops around for the best quality parts at the best prices. Then he passes on the saving to me. Hard to believe but its true. The last repair was my Ram 5500 when I went to pick it up it was 125.00 less than what was quoted. He found the same part for less. Most shops would not have done that. Thanks I am happy to write this for you

- Barry Friendly from Neighborhood Bins
I bring all my cars to Beyond Transmissions, they do all the safety inspections for my vehicles, they do great work, honest and the staff is always very pleasent to deal with.

- Ramsey from Butane Auto
I would highly recommend that anyone in need of mechanical work or advice on their vehicle go to see Victor and his staff at Ram's Transmissions. This is by far the greatest mechanical shop I've ever been to. My wife and I are almost as far south as High river and take our vehicles to Victor at Ram's even if they need to be towed there. We would really recommend this shop first before you go anywhere else. Once again Victor thanks so much for everything and see you the next time we need an awesome mechanic.

- Neil & Suzanne W.
Great, Friendly Customer Service. Nice experience overall !

- Abe J.
Thank you so very much. Anything to do with transmissions always sends a shudder down my back. Your graciousness and professionalism are greatly appreciated. A thousand heartfilled thanks for turning my nightmare into a laugh!

- Leslie R. 1987 Buick Celebrity wagon, rough running and hard shifting. cause broken vacuum line.
I want to thank my staff for all there hard work and intergrity. Everytime I get an e-mail with a thank you letter I am honoured. These letters belong to you guys not just me! Thank You so much! You guys make this a great company

- From the owner. Victor Leung Beyond Transmission.
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