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If you just need an oil change, an entire engine replaced or you have an electrical problem driving you crazy, our facility has the solution for your auto maintenance and repair needs. We've got your automotive requirements covered!

Our services include:

  • Mechanical Engine repairs (water pumps, intake gaskets, manifolds)
  • Regular Maintenance (Fluid Changes)
  • Differential & Drivetrains (axles, u joints, gears sets)
  • Steering and Suspension (shocks, struts, rack and pinion)
  • Tire Sales, Mounting and Balancing
  • Vehicle Inspections (out of province, insurance, pre purchase)
  • Air Conditioning Service and Repairs
  • Transmission Repairs and Overhauls
  • Complete Electronic Automotive Diag
  • Brakes System including ABS system
  • Tune up & Fuel systems
  • Clutch Replacement
  • Wheel Alignments

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Client Testimonials

Victor from Beyond Transmissions is probably the most honest mechanic I have ever met. If your don't need it he won't sell it to you. He takes care of our fleet. Our Sales office is in the SW side of the city and we drive all our vehicles to him. His Honest opinion and quality workmanship is worth the drive.

- Zak from Calgary Auto Connection

I have known victor since 1998 long before he had an autoshop. He has always been a stand up person, he never takes advantage of anyone, does the best that he can for people and that is why his shop is doing so well. I recommend anyone go to him, try him out, I`m sure you will be happy with the way you are treated. I have been going there ever since he started his shop in 2005.

- Calvin 2004 Titan & 2001 Acura


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Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmission

This is the least understood component in your vehicle, with over 1000 moving parts and extremely tight tolenrences, the slightest error can result in catastrophic failure. Most automotive repair shops will not rebuild or even diagnose your transmission for this reason.

Transmission Repair (automatic and manual )

Not all Transmissions require an overhaul to return them to there proper working order. Sometime it can be a simple sensor and other times it may require an electrical wiring problem.This is why it is so important to stop by for complimentary scan test with an automotive expert before you agree to have the transmission removed and disassembled.

Big 3 Options for every transmission quote

We understand that a transmission overhauls can be very expensive so we give our customers all the options we can.
  1. brand new transmission from the dealer
  2. custom rebuilt transmission (built by us)
  3. low mileage used transmission

Transmission process

  1. Contact our facility and schedule an appointment for a free scan and road test with one of our specialist.
  2. When you bring in your vehicle, one of our specialist will road test, scan and check your vehicle`s transmission fluid. After completing the road test he will give you a better idea of the general condition of your transmission.
  3. At this point if there is a fault with your transmission, our service advisor will give you a general estimate of cost and the big 3 options, if necessary.
  4. From there you have the option to repair the vehicle with us or not, there is no obilgation.
  5. If you decide to repair with us, we will proceed to remove the transmission out of the vehicle and disassemble the transmission. The service advisor will contact you to inform you of the exact cost of the transmission and any other repairs that are optional if you choose.
  6. Our specialist will rebuild your transmission or install a rebuild unit into your vehicle and perform an extensive road test.
  7. After the road test your vehicle will be reinspected to ensure proper install and quality workmanship.
  8. At this time the service advisor will contact you to let you know that your vehicle is ready.


  It is very important when replacing your clutch to use a good quality clutch. Low cost Clutches tend to have issues such as chattering, slippage, abnormal noises and premature failure. At Beyond Transmissions we only recommend 3 manufactures of clutches, Saches, Luk and Exedy. These are large manufacturures that build for OEM. When you purchase a new vehicle, the clutch that is in your vehicle is likely built by these 3 suppliers.

Regular Maintenance

Performing routine oil changes, fluid maintenance, and regular safety inspection are vital in maintaining a reliable vehicle. Clean automotive fluids maintain the health of major mechanical components saving you costly mechanical repairs.

Engine oil change

This is the most important fluid in your vehicle. Clean oil reduces the friction in your engine for those cold winter start as well as those hot summer days. Lack of engine oil changes causes major engine damage to the internal components of the engine. We recommend replacing your engine oil every 5,000 km in the harsh Canadian climate, where the temperature of your engine can go from -40 degrees to 100 degrees in 15 minutes.

  Engine oil change

Engine Mechanical Repairs

From timing chain tensioners and cam phazers on an F150 V8 to a head gasket engine repair on a Honda CRV we have you covered. With all the latest diagnostic equipment, shop manuals and over 60 years of combined technician experience you can be confident the the repair will be completed correctly.

Transmission fluid & Transfer case fluid

Transmission fluid  

Too many automakers today are informing customers the transmission fluid is filled for life. We as a transmission facility believe this is not the case. With over 1000 moving parts the tolerences are too precise for the oil to survive such a harsh environment as our canadian climate. We recommend replacing transmission and transfer case fluids every 50,000km with OEM fluids.

Differential fluid

4WD, 2WD and AWD vehicles utilize a gear set know as hypoid gears. These gears are very strong and use a wiping action for every contact from gear to gear. When the fluids in this component begins to break down the result is metal on metal contact, creating an expensive repair bill. We recommend replacing the differential fluids at 100,000km under normal driving conditions and 50,000km under heavy towing applications.

Differential Overhauls

If driving down the road you hear a loud roaring or whining noise when accelerating or decelerating, chances are, there is something starting to fail within the Differential Assembly. The Purpose of your differential is to apply equal engine power to both or all 4 wheels when turning a corner. The noise you are hearing is improper bearing clearance or failure. A healthy differnential should be silent.

  Different overhauls

Brake fluid

As technology continues to change with more electronics in your ABS brake system, the demands on the fluids also greatly increases. Dirty brake fluid can lead to premature component failure such as the hydraulic control unit. These systems are very expensive. Properly operating brakes are a very important part of your vehicle. We recommend replacing the brake fluid when you replace your brake pads or every 100,000km.

Brake Repairs

Break repair Break repair Break repair  

Brake pad replacement is all part of regular maintenace. Under normal driving conditions brake pads should last approximately 80,000 km. Often times brake rotors can become warped under heavy brake application. This is most noticeable under highway speeds, when you apply the brake you will feel the vehicle shake, this is an indication your rotors or drums may be warped.

ABS Brake Repair

Modern day ABS brakes are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Not only does it control skidding of the tires, but also the traction control system, and in some vehicles the low tire pressure monitors as well. On most systems there is 4 wheel speeds sensors that send a signal back to the ABS computer, which monitors data from the engine RPM, vehicle speed, YAW sensor, and brake pedal sensor. From these signals your ABS computer prevents your vehicle from skidding out of control through the hydraulic control unit. Your ABS can apply any one of the 4 brakes you have on each wheel as is necessary.

With all this technology it is important to have the proper diagnostic equipment to ensure proper diagnosis and repair.

  ABS Break repair